Rue de la Porta

The goal wasi to demolish an unsafe and unhealthy building in the city and to replace it by a nice new apartment building owned by a social owner.
This apartment building was made in an aerated concrete called Siporex. It was a 'premiere' for a four storey building, ever to be built in Corsica. This material is of a High Energy Performance Standard. The building has been fitted with 12 m2 of solar thermal systems; the latter will produce hot water for sanitary use. This system will induce lower energy consumption.

CommunityHistorical Centre
Area descriptionExisting district
Type builtNew building apartments
Nr. buildings1
Nr. houses8
Total gross area (m2)602
Average area per home (m2)75
Measures in buildingsHigh energy performance level of the building envelop
Generation of renewable power or heatPV panels, Solar thermal collectors
Solar thermal (m2)12
Solar PV (kWp)5.5


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