Les Cannes

Originally planned as a public building following agreed High Environmental standards, this project has evolved in performances thanks to exchanges with cRRescendo, and based on experiences with other partners of cRRescendo and Concerto.
The objective of a zero energy building, producing the total of its needs in energy, has established itself as a realistic solution. Thanks to the ambitious specifications of the competition to select an architect, and the even more ambitious results that were presented by the architects that participated in the tender, we were able to conceive a positive energy building. This building will produce more energy than it needs; mostly because it is fitted with 200 m2 of photovoltaic panels.

CommunityUrban renovation area
Area descriptionExisting district
Type builtNew office building (to be built)
Nr. buildings1
Total gross area (m2)1,000
Measures in buildingsAmbitious specifications for insulation and ventilation
Generation of renewable power or heatPV panels, Small wind turbines
Solar PV (kWp)20
RemarksThis energy positive building is developed within but built after the cRRescendo project period


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