Urban development that emerged in the early 70s (now 'Sensitive Urban Area' of the city) in response to a strong demand for housing, due to
1) the significant movements in the early sixties, people from the villages of the island in search of a job in the major port cities,
2) the influx of immigrants from North Africa, and
3) the search for comfort by residents of decayed and often unhealthy buildings in the old centre.
Measures executed in these buildings in Petralba are 1) repairs and insulation of the roofs, 2) insulation of the exterior walls, and 3) installation of solar collectors.

CommunityUrban renovation area
Area descriptionExisting district
Type builtRefurbishment
Nr. buildings10
Nr. houses80
Total gross area (m2)6,985
Average area per home (m2)87
Measures in buildingsImproved ventilation, heating and lighting system, Insulation of roof, floor, walls and windows
Generation of renewable power or heatSolar thermal collectors
Solar thermal (m2)142
RemarksBuild in a sensitive urban zone with high public housing, unemployment, and a low education level.


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