Friday morning, 14th October 2011

'Open' cRRescendo evaluation meeting

Chairman: Vera Haaksma, Ecofys Utrecht, co-coordinator cRRescendo

The Peer Review of cRRescendo Almere

09:00The Peer Review Almere cRRescendo project will be based on yesterdays Site visits and Discussion table:
  • Private commissioning in Noorderplassen-West: Introduction by the municipality Almere on the tension between long-term sustainability goals and short-term needs of private persons building their own home; discussion and solutions
  • Almere Sun Island: Is a central solar plant preferable over individual systems? What are the costs of this solar icon? Why does sustainable energy need financial support from the community?
  • Active local authority: Does tendering leads to a more sustainable community? Certified sustainable houses: are they better built and do they have higher performance?
  • 10:50Coffee break

    Major energy lessons learnt in cRRescendo

  • Technical monitoring of existing houses in Ajaccio by Virginie Bollini, Ademe
  • Monitoring of new cRRescendo buildings in Milton Keynes by John Piggott, Arup
  • Social and technical monitoring of cRRescendo demonstrations in Viladecans by Raquel Millan Lopez, Viladecans
  • From Monitoring to Energy Management in cRRescendo by Edith Molenbroek, Ecofys
  • 12:20Final presentations:
  • Issues from Concerto-Premium by Jens Knoll, KIT, Karlsruhe
  • Conclusions from cRRescendo coordination by Vera Haaksma and Emil ter Horst, Almere
  • 13:00End of the Open cRRescendo evaluation meeting


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